Critical Praise

Here's what the critics have to say about us:

"Once in a generation, a band comes along that makes us reconsider everything we thought we knew about music. Chicken or Fish might be that band."

--Peter Travelers, Rolling Stone

"Chicken or Fish is a Godsend to Cat lovers everywhere. Their song "Cat Alley" gives voice to all homeless feral cats. Thank you, Chicken or Fish, for being so brave."

--Julia Gollario, Cat Fancy

"I heartily endorse this band and everything they stand for."

--Ed Royce, Congressman

"Stop what you are doing right now. Go on the internet, type into your browser '' and learn what it means to live again."

--Paola Embarcadero, Horse and Hound

"Timely and timeless."

--Bobby Arnold, Pitchforks Media

"Wow. Wow. WOW. When I listen to Chicken or Fish, I imagine myself lying under the stars, eating chicken wings and fish sticks, getting a sponge bath from Harrison Ford."

--Jimes McCoy, transient